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Construction Monitoring

Monitoring a construction site is key for project managers, investors, and all involved stakeholders to help identify problem areas and ensure the project is progressing on time and within budget.

Real Estate

Whether it’s vacant lot inspections or capturing properties at their best, secure better sales by offering never-before-seen perspectives to interested buyers.

Social Media Reels

Connect with viewers on social media platforms by showing high-quality and engaging content that resonate with target audiences.

  • Photography
  • Marketing
  • Inspections
  • Agriculture
  • Videography
  • Special Events
  • Mapping
  • And More



Having a drone doesn’t always mean you can legally fly it. FAA regulations require all commercial unmanned aircraft operations to be flown or supervised by a certified remote pilot. Commercial operations are defined as any operation “in furtherance of a business”, meaning for-profit, non-profit, and yes, even that monetized YouTube channel is considered a commercial flight. Just because your owner, superintendent, or realtor has a drone doesn’t mean they are flying legally. In addition, workplace insurance often won’t cover drone operations litigations from unlicensed pilots and “I didn’t know” doesn’t hold up too well in court. Myself and other law-abiding pilots who spent months to years becoming fully compliant will happily report those that are the reason these regulations exist in the first place.

My guarantee : all of my rates are drastically cheaper than any potential fine issued by the FAA.

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Tracy “Arctyx” McNeil
Certified Remote Pilot
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